Business Games: Teaching Business and Languages Simultaneously

Discover the new techniques of teaching combining the development of skills in business and foreign languages simultaneously.

Application of the Technique of Business Games in Teaching

A game is an effective means to activate learning not only for kids but for adults as well. That is why it is often used in the teaching of business communication. Application of this technique will also be of a great help in teaching of business communication in a foreign language. Indeed, such games help to create the true-to-life situations and increase the motivation of the learners. The study of new teaching technologies is much more interesting than the completion of monotonous university assignments. If you want to finish your essay faster go to and find there the skillful writer.


Here are the features of the business games that determine it as an active form of teaching and learning:

  • Imitation of the conditions of the foreign activities;
  • Modelling of the typical, actual for the participant situations with the aim of training on business communication;
  • Problematic character of cases, models of which are being used;
  • Division of roles among the participants;
  • Description of the structure and scenario of the game;
  • Discussion of the future game as an element of the feedback from the participants;
  • Realization of the aims of the game;
  • The existence of the criteria of evaluation for the actions of the participants.


A business game in class is used to imitate the decision-making of managers or specialists in different production cases. A business game is held according to the certain rules by a group of people, or in pairs like person + computer in a regime of dialogue. The cases to be imitated may be the following: getting acquainted with the firm, presentation of a project, professional competition, etc. Such games may deal not only with oral speech, but with writing as well (work with business letters, for example).

Components of the Business Game

The main components of the business game are a scenario, programs of the head and the participant, and the regulations.


It is the basic element of the whole procedure. It includes the characteristics of the situation and the rules of the game. All the extra-linguistic features are also included in it, such as the imaginary place, spheres of work of the participants according to their roles, their nationality, etc.


This is the element responsible for the consequence of topics and documents, demands to the regime of the game procedure, as well as description of the roles.

The Behavior of Participants

This is the main instrument of the business game. It is necessary to direct the behavior of the participants in a correct way for the business game to achieve its aims effectively.

Computer Business Game

This is a training form that includes the business game with the usage of technology and is based on a Mathematical model. This model describes the close-to-real situation based on the certain rules. For example, business-simulators grow in popularity nowadays. This is a kind of computer games, where with the help of computer modeling a business environment is simulated. It can be simulated in a local or even international level. Thus, it will be a good idea to involve this method into learning of a foreign language together with getting the useful skills on Business.


The benefits of usage of the technique of business game are obvious. It aids in intensive processing and remembering of the necessary information, and this is an actual aim of the teaching process both in learning languages and in getting skills in Business.

Today’s world with the development of technologies brings a lot of new possibilities for teaching, and to be an effective tutor one should follow the supply and demand of the time.