5 Majors to Consider When Going to College in St. John’s

When it comes to college, do you know what you want to study? Whether it’s business courses in St. John’s or the accounting program, here are five majors you should consider when going to college. You can do one or even two if you like, but check out these subjects and our reasons why you might want to enter this discipline. Your major is really important and will influence your career path, so consider it carefully.

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5 Majors to Consider When Going to College

1. Business

You too can take business courses in St. John’s and learn the ins and outs of business. You may never have thought of yourself as someone who necessarily wanted to major in business before, but it can be a very helpful discipline that really teaches you a lot. You can be a self made man or woman if you go into this field and learn quite a bit about what these people do. Check out business courses in St. John’s in the catalog for courses and see if that’s something you might be interested in.

  1. AccountingAccounting is a lucrative field and the accounting program in St. John’s is a great one to go into. This is a good major because there is always a demand for people to enter into this field. You may not have thought of yourself as a natural accounting major, but check out the great accounting program in St. John’s and consider whether it is right for you or not.

    3. Nutrition

    Why not learn about health and how what we eat affects the body? Nutrition is one of those majors that is absolutely awesome because you can learn so much that will directly benefit you, too. That way, you can go on to help people figure out their diets and what they may be having reactions to. This is a great major that you could easily pair up with something like exercise science and turn into a full fledged career. You can help people be healthier than ever and totally revamp how they eat in order to cut back on disease and increase their feeling of overall well-being.

    4. English

    A classic for a reason! English is such a great and engaging major that you will definitely want to consider adding it to your roster of possibilities. English deals with a lot of grammar, literature, books and writing. You can ultimately go on to tutor kids or teach English in primary school, middle, high school or even college, depending on the level of your degree.

    5. Physics

    And of course, at the end of the day, you can always major in the most mysterious of the sciences – physics. Physics allows us to understand the world through the use of science and also learn about some really cool stuff. If you are into science, definitely check this out and consider it as a possible major. It’s a really cool area to be studying and if you have the right type of mindset to be interested in this and understand high level math at the same time, this might be right for you.