5 Great Summer Programs and Ideas for Kids

As a parent, you know that the summer is a time for fun and sun. It’s also the time when the kids are out of school and while it may be nice to have them around all the time, it’s also good to find some activities or things for them to do that keep them engaged, occupied, active and having fun! Here are five programs and ideas for kids you can pursue to make sure that your kids have a great summer and build some skills while they’re at it.

While it’s so great for kids to be around, it can also be beneficial for their health and social skills to find something to do for a few days, weeks, or even a few hours. Read on to find out more.

5 Great Summer Programs and Ideas for Kids

1. Tennis Lessons

If your child has a budding interest in tennis and you want to help them get more of a feel for the game, tennis lessons or tennis camps are the perfect way to help your child learn the game! They’ll figure out how to serve, how to return the ball from either side, strategy for tennis, how to move, and how to keep score. Exercise, sun, and furthering their skill in a game is a great way to integrate athletic pursuits and build their confidence and health at the same time.

2. Go Kite Flying in the Park

You can find kites for a relatively affordable price at most department stores. These toys are a great way to fill up an afternoon with the kids, who will love flying the kite and running along trying to get it into the air. You can go to your local park and have a grand old time flying kites. They’ll love telling their friends how they got the kites into the sky and describing how their kite looks!

3. Do Some At Home Recipe Making

Want to try out a new recipe or meal? Why not get the kids involved! Kids love to cook, and with proper guidance and safety procedures they should have no problem helping to cook a meal. They’ll be so excited to see the final result of what they made, and hopefully learn some foundational skills and understanding of cooking that they’ll carry on into the future.

4. Art Camp

See if your local area offers any opportunities for your children to go to art camp! Typically no more than a few days, this gives kids the chance to flex their creativity and pursue something artistic. Kids will love painting and doing crafts and showing off their work to family and friends.

5. Summer Camps

Markham summer camps are a great way to give your kids memories that they will never forget! Most summer camps are only a few weeks long, so it’s not like they’re going to be gone forever. Kids get to form relationships with other kids, do new activities, socialize and play to their heart’s content. Kids can develop talents and skills, go to new places, make new friends, and generally have a blast. Any good montessori school will offer Markham summer camps, so see if there is a montessori school in your area that offers summer programs.