The School Traveling Consultancy



The STC is a traveling consultancy committed to its vision of providing a traveling service that is embedded in responsible thought and sustainable action. Part of being an excellent and trust worthy traveling consultancy is being prepared for the adventure in store – whether it is in terms of planning for fun or misfortune.

The STC has taken meticulous measures to ensure a service which is responsible in every possible way. This company’s priority is ensuring a hassle-free journey that is educational and joyous, and in order to achieve these goals in places far from home, care is taken to both asses risk and prepare for it. Here are some of the measures the STC has taken to ensure a safe and journey throughout your trip:



Each trip is tailor-made and customized according to the portfolio of the group that is traveling with the STC. Years of experience have prepared the STC leaders to scout potential risks and requirement of different individuals who travel with the STC. Keeping school children and students in mind, all activities are planned while accounting for beginner or novice experience in order to cater for both a generic and specific need. Beyond this, concern for the requirements of the teacher are also kept in mind. Trips are planned with the outcome and learning criteria as focal to the itinerary.


A professional STC leader accompanies each trip. After assessing each logistical feasibility and concern, the trip is planned with activities and the leader provided with customized safety equipment regarding health and hygiene. The leaders are also equipped with multiple forms communication devices (like satellite and radio) in order for constant connection. The STC also has a 24 hour crisis management system available. Students are also then trained to be level headed and understand the safety procedures required. Information briefs and handouts are provided for every trip and activity, with plenty of research done and provided to each individual traveling.

Accredited and Certified


The STC accredited with all necessary logistical and legal framework required to operate such a business. It is British Standard 8848:2014 compliant and adheres to the Young Explorer’s Trust’s safety expectations. The STC is also a licensed provider of adventurous activities, thereby legally and ethically equipped to handle undertakings of different watersports, climbing, and hiking. Furthermore, the STC is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, and also an Approved Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.