Improve your Creative Writing Skills

If your desire is to improve your writing skills then look no further than undertaking a home study writing course, perfect for fitting your studies into your busy daily schedule; the beauty of studying at home. You may have already decided you wish to improve your writing skills by studying at home, but are unsure of which course is right for you. Often this depends on your reason and what you want to achieve at the end i.e. if you wish to have a career, once you have completed your course you will be better equipped in a specific writing discipline. On the other hand you may choose to study because you require a hobby; either way studying at home is a great way to save time from travelling and money.

Creative Writing Courses Available

So, depending on your personal reasons for undertaking a home creative writing study course, there is something that will be appropriate for you and your goals – have a look at a few ideas below:

  1. Poetry – learn how to write poetry. This is a niche style writing course, but with so much to learn, this is great for brushing up on your poetry skills.
  2. Journalism – if you wish to have a career in journalism, this is the course for you – learn about the different journalism techniques and rules that you will need for several types of journalism careers.
  3. Fiction and Non-Fiction – learn how to write fiction and non-fiction stories/books with a creative writing course that focuses on these areas.
  4. Biography – writing a biography is a little more difficult than you may think; facts and sometimes witnesses and statements are needed to back up what you are stating.

There are creative writing courses available that are more general and help you to brush up on your writing skills; these would be ideal for someone undecided on a niche subject area.

Careers in Writing: Freelance or Salaried?

There are various positions available for writers that are skilled and talented and many writers are freelance, which can be difficult, but at the same time very rewarding both personally and financially. Freelancers have the freedom to work on whichever projects get thrown their way and can also take time off as and when required. I see two downsides to choosing to become a freelance writer; work is not guaranteed and working from home can be rather difficult in terms of motivation and so on. Freelance writers should ensure that they have enough money saved for when they are a little short on work; this happens a lot in the world of becoming a freelance writer.

There are many niche paths to choose from as a freelance writer, such as:

  1. Journalism – a difficult, but rewarding area to get into; submit your work to several newspapers and if you get rejected from a few, ask a couple why you have been rejected.
  2. Magazine Editor – try to make sure you submit your work to magazines that cover sectors that you find interesting; there’s nothing worse than trying to write about a subject that you have absolutely no interest in what so ever – imagination can suffer.
  3. Local Business’s – may require a freelance writer to write good content for press releases.
  4. Teaching – private tuition could be something that you wish to pursue; advertise in local newspapers and distribute leaflets to homeowners in your local area.
  5. Poetry – is a relatively difficult area to break into, but there are opportunities out there.

Working as a writer for a publication in a salary based position is different to being a freelance writer; publications require certain writing style and content expectations. However, some people thrive in a more controlled environment and push themselves and more importantly, you have a regular salary.

Some people have a desire to study a writing course so that they can write to a higher standard or in different styles.

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