Dance Lessons and the Most Popular Styles of Dance in Edmonton


Dancing is one of the best ways to lighten up people’s lives. With dancing, you not only get a chance to exercise, but you also get to really enjoy yourself and have fun while working up a sweat. There are lots of people who find comfort in dancing. It acts as a stress reliever, improving people’s social life, confidence and general perception of things.

However, to become the best dancer you can be, it’s going to require more than just having a passion for dancing. You need to know about the different rhythms and the music, and you’re probably going to need some lessons. It’s not until you do these things that you can fully enjoy the benefits of being an excellent dancer. The first step in this process is to look for a dancing instructor near you. The demand for dance lessons is high in most areas, and this has resulted in a significant increase in the number of instructors. This means that you definitely won’t fail to find an instructor in your area. And, if you can find a private dance instructor, then the lessons will be even better. Private dance instructors are great because they give you the chance to have the one-on-one attention that every student wants. You will get to learn at your pace and learn the variety of styles that you want. A private dance instructor offers the most effective lessons in this field, regardless of whether you are learning for fun, competition, a wedding, or any other purpose.

Types of Dance Styles

There are so many different kinds of dance styles that you can choose from. Some of the most popular styles can be categorized into three major sections, including Latin, Country Western and Ballroom.

Latin Dance Styles

The styles under this category vary depending on the dance steps and rhythms involved. Some of the most common styles here are Salsa, Rumba, and Cha-cha-cha.

Salsa is definitely among the most popular dance styles. It is fun and very entertaining to both the dancer and people who are watching! The style originated in the Caribbean, before spreading throughout the world. The demand people have to learn this style of dance is truly global, and it’s no different for people looking for lessons to learn salsa dancing in Edmonton. No matter where it’s performed, it’s a unique combination of Afro-Cuban rhythms blended with elements of jazz, and the result is just staggering!

Rumba, meanwhile, features Cuban motions, producing dancers that are capable of utilizing small spaces to come up with neat and attractive dancing moves. This style is great for improving a person’s footwork.

Cha-cha-cha is a fascinating dance also originating from Cuban rhythms. It’s an energetic style that encourages people to utilize as much space as possible to express their feelings and personality without holding anything back.

Other kinds of dancing styles in this category include Samba, Mambo, Swing, and Bolero.


This category is home to dance styles such as the Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot and Argentine Tango.

Tango is probably the most beautiful dancing style of them all. It is a debatable subject, but a perfected Tango dance is just breathtaking! It equips the dancer with graceful body movements and excellent footwork.

Country Western Dance

Country western dance is another set of elegant dancing styles, which also act as healthy exercises. Some of the popular dances here include the Cowboy, Polka, Two Step, and Line Dancing.

Learning how to dance completely changes people’s lives. Salsa dancing in Edmonton is one of the best examples of this. There are so many individuals in the area who have given testimony on how dancing has had a positive impact on their lives. No matter what style you choose, once you learn dancing, going out becomes even more fun and your whole life gets more interesting.